February 10th, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

"You'd better bend before I go..."

sinistersteve sent me some fun links tonight!


I'd like to send this site to my dad. Among other people.

Someone wanna buy me one of these? XD

Today I received many fun things from different sites at once. My Evo Mutants Rising DVD finally arrived from Half.com (five different trips to different stores around here and I still end up having to buy it online... but it was $10 with shipping so HA.) along with one of my babeh's Valentine's Day presents and the X-Men Evo Valentine cards I won off ebay for, like, a dollar XD. Speaking of things I got for a dollar, I got my battery for my new Snappy today, so soon I shall be inundated with screencappy goodness. And I can pay my babeh back for all those screencaps she graced me with! [SNUGGLE]

We haven't gotten our copy of Powers Revealed for rent yet. But Steph, wonderful manager that she is, is gonna open-to-buy us a rental copy if they don't send us one, even though she's not exactly a big Evo fan and jokes about how she doesn't want me watching it constantly when she's around. Steph ownz XD

My nose is burning, my throat's probably gonna be sore in the morning, and I need to write. WHEE!
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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


Dur. Forgive my stupidity and disregard that last post XD. It's definitely not the first time I've done that, but Bridgie's usually around when I post toddkurtslash challenges and calls me on them. Hey, at least I posted the fic challenge in the right place...

People have been text messaging me! YAY!! Thanks guys! ...Can you reply to those through the phone? [is clueless]

Went to Target today. No Powers Revealed. FUCKERS!! But I did get a neat new mouse! It's not even as big as a credit card, it's optical, it's got a retractable cord and it was only $14.99. YAY! No more changing batteries every bloody week! Now, to watch Lion King 1 1/2...
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