January 22nd, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Are we having FUN yet?!!

"No, I'LL kill the cook. My car's parked out back anyway."

Once Upon a Time in Mexico's worth watching if only for Johnny Depp. OMG HE SAID SAVVY!!!! And told some little kid to Fuck Off! Heeeee.

Hee hee, "Can you hear me now?"

Mmmm, such beautiful guitars...

Co-Worker Michael came by work yesterday and we had a fun talk. He gave me a nice black silk shirt that he'd gotten, I think he said he doesn't wear silk much, which, considering his usual wardrobe, I'll believe. It'll go nicely over my t-shirts ^_^. We also had some fun with a little toy he had. It was an old skull toy with mesh over the cranium, inside of which was a red plastic baggy thing filled with goo. When you squeezed the skull, the bag came glooping out through the holes in the mesh, making it turn yellow and all...freaky looking. It was a fun toy, then Michael busted the mesh and was left with a dead skull and a bag filled with goop. Which he squeezed. And squeezed. And the bag got a tiny little bump in it and he had some fun doing lewd things to it with his tongue. Then he squeezed it some more and...



Yellow gloopy stain all over the carpet in front of the candy display. WHEE! What magical fun we have at work, lemme tell ya'.

I watched My Neighbor Totoro again yesterday. Haven't seen it in a long time. I think the older daughter is Tabby. Or one of the other X-Girls, can't remember which one O_o.

Now, for Unbreakable!! It's taken me far too long to get around to watching this movie. Steph finally reminded me of the fact... Steph likes comics in the media (ie Kevin Smith stuffs, Comic Book: The Movie, Unbreakable, etc.) Yet another reason to like working with her XD. ...We should've gotten our copies of Comic Book: The Movie in today, or will get them tomorrow. Joy O_O. [goes back to the movie, cursing the crappy loose cord that's fucking up her reception/picture]


[fiddles with cords in the back of the TV until the reception's good again]
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    The scene where he finally uses his ability, and...
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

[finishes the movie]

Wow. Just...wow. That scene with his son at the end, and with Price, and just...wow.

[watches the special features]

Dude, Alex Ross looks so much younger than I'd imagined O_O. ...He looks like my stepbrother.

Oooh, Frank Miller said 'Emotional Realist'. I like that. That's what I'm gonna call myself from now on! Though I don't know how realistic I am O_o.

Okay, I am officially in love with this movie. Must own the DVD.

[paces irritably, non-existent tail twitching] There's nothing worse than knowing someone you love is hurting, or in pain, or just plain in a bad mood, and not knowing what the hell you can do to fix it.

[struggles for some angst-fic inspiration]
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