January 6th, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

GIP and plastic*sex

Me: Heh, okay okay, I nap ^_^;;;. 1 my time. [finishes playing dress up with Todd doll] XD
Babeh: wtf? XDD
Me: Heh heh. He comes with both sets of clothes, but the battle uniform sux0rs, so I stripped him naked and put him in his usual clothes. XD
Babeh: mmm, stripped him naked? ^^
Babeh: Is it the doll whose face looks green?
Me: Hee hee, yes. He's (almost) anatomically correct, all muscly and stuff XD. Ha! Yes, but aside from the green face he actually's not that bad looking.
Me: Maybe I should paint his face...
Babeh: anatomically correct??? XDXDXDXD
Me: [snicker] Well, his back muscles and suck are all well defined XD.
Me: such
Babeh: damn.. XD
Me: Heh heh.
Me: Now all I need is a Kurt doll XD
Babeh: another anatomically correct one.. heheheh.
Me: Heh heh, oh yeah XD. Then they can have hawt doll sex.
Babeh: mmm, plastic.
Me: We are so wrong.

Heh heh. [wonders why the Todd toy's background is some aerial city view via Spider-Man]

Oh, People Under the Stairs rawks XD. I wonder which day of the Three Days of the King this is, I like Stephen King...
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