January 5th, 2004

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

"Smokin' weed, doin' coke, drinkin' beers, drinkin' beers beers beers..."

Not that anybody cares, but this Crystal cat litter (Tidy Cat?) is soooooo much better than the usual stuff. Oh, and anybody who happens to live in Memphis, do not use the Target over by the Hickory Ridge Mall. They have absolutely JACK there, they looked about the same size as the one near Quince I always go to but they had, like, ten pairs of socks when I went looking for some new black ones to go with my new shoes.

And speaking of new shoes, yes, I took those neat red ones back [sad] and got these neat plum and black leather ones instead, YAY!! [happy!] The heels on these things are badarse, the rubber sole goes all the way up the back of the shoe :D. Now I need some thick socks to go with it...and to try these suckers out for DDRing, w00t!


I got about ten comics at the big New Years sale at Comics and Collectibles, 1 Pryde and Wisdom and all the rest issues featuring TOAD! W00T!!! Toad turned into a major badarse later in the comics!! I haven't gotten to read most of the books, but I definitely like what I've seen. Morty's a smrat sumbitch O_o. And cruel, deliciously cruel XD. It's funny to see so much of the stuff that they obviously developed into Evo*Toad actually had basis in the comics in unexpected ways.

[envies all over Bridgie's Todd layout] Me needs Kurt*Journal.

[watches Underworld] I love my manager. Shhhhh.... Viktor's a badarse. His makeup looks like a live version of Kain early on XD.

Speaking of work, I have a bit of a moral dilemma. Collapse )

Damnit all to hell, why aren't there music videos on this DVD?!!! Speaking of music, I got a little radio at Walgreens. It was $5.99, and it doubles as a ball point pen. That's right, a ballpoint pen. And the earbuds plug into the top XD.
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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


This music video scares me. There's a giant squid, and the singer has weird teeth, and the beginning has plushie*sex XD

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