December 25th, 2003

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


Christmas wasn't quite as special as it usually seems this year, but hey, it was still a lot of fun and I got some really great stuff XD. As in, everything I asked for, pretty much. The final tally-

From my babeh:
Zim t-shirt, baby-doll with lavendar sleeves
Zim t-shirt, 'You speak craziness'
$20 Hot Topic gift certificate (which was used to buy 'Creature of the Underworld' black Underworld baby-doll t-shirt, LP wristband, fuzzy kitty ear barettes)
Beautiful steel/enamel box with Jack and Sally on top, containing one of two even more beautiful silver rings that say 'We're simply meant to be' ^_^ <3<3<3
Hawt pr0n piccage
RPing tonight

From Gran:
Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast 1st Season on DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD
Karaoke Revolution

From Dad, Missy, Trey and my half-sister and half-brother:
$100 in Hot Topic gift certificates

From various:
$90 in cash

From Aunt Abie and her family:
A really nice 3-piece suitcase set with makeup bag, rolling case, and uh...something else I didn't bother to look at yet ^_^;;;

From Aunt Judy and Uncle Rocky:
Walking With Frodo, a devotional based on LotR O_o. Intriguing.

From mom and Allen:
DDR MAX 2 WITH OFFICIAL DDR DANCE PAD!!! (Best of all, that DDR Max 1 that stopped working? Well guess what...It WORKS with the official DDR Dance pad!!! FUCK YEAH!!! It's like getting two games instead of one, and now I have all my favorite songs again!!)

From Tim:
That Legacy of Kain: Defiance poster I ordered off eBay ages ago XD

From Jason:
Lots of little things for the past month or so, including Zim schwag

I think everyone liked what I gave them too. Jason picked out a nice hat at Hot Topic, since they were out of Crow wineglasses (;_;). Gran liked her little teapot, and I know Trey liked his books. I think I managed to surprise him :D. I hope he actually gets around to reading them, because I KNOW he'll like them if he does, and I so want to keep him reading. I wouldn't be half of what I am today if I didn't read constantly. And I got him some really good ones, a lot of which I read when I was 13 or so, like Dragonflight, Something Wicked This Way Comes, the first book in the Bardic Voices series, the Narnia series, the Xanth series, Turn of the Screw and Daisy Miller, Dragonsbane, Acorna, some sci-fi ones.... I'm gonna be borrowing quite a few of those myself XD. I haven't read some in ages, and others I've never read. Oh, and I got mom a massage at Aqua Massage, where the guy teased me about my clothes and then turned around and tried to sell me cheapo Linkin Park shirts on some internet-based pyramid-scheme thing. Jerkwad.

Not gonna say what I got my babeh, because it's a surprise ^_^. Though I need to work on her ficcage...

I've been playing DDR like crazy, and I tried Karaoke Revolution today. FUNNESS!! Kinda hogged the TV though, I felt guilty for that afterwards ^_^;;;. I let others play, but the time really seemed to fly by, and eventually everyone else left XD. That game's fooking hard though O_o. I think I'd be a bit better if my head weren't still so congested -_-;;;. But I had perfect pitch at the beginning! It just got harder as I went along XD. Good songs at least, Crawling in the Dark, Everything You Want, One Week, yay!

As soon as I can drag mom out to Wolfchase mall I'll be spending at least some of my Hot Topic gift certificates. The Zim throw blanket will be mine, oh yes, and I could probably use some nice ankle-boots/shoes to go with my ankle-high Skechers and knee-high boots. Plus there was that Roman Dirge piratey shirt, and some really great Space Ghost/Aqua Teens/Sealab/Nintendo stuffs that I could use... We'll see.
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