December 17th, 2003

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

'Once it gets hold of never lets us go...'

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The Silence of the Lambs
You are... The Silence of the Lambs - "Hello,
Creepy little f*ck, aint'cha? You thrive on
intelligence and impeccable manners, which is
probably what makes you so scary. You may seem
a little crazy, but there's method to your
madness. When you love, you are willing to give
your heart to someone special... still beating.

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RETURN OF THE KING TOMORROW!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! So I'll be out of the house from about 10:30 to...5 tomorrow XD. RotK and (hopefully) Hot Topic for Christmas shopping, aaaaaah.

I am SO bringing tissues tomorrow. I don't know who's gonna die and what's gonna happen, but damnit, I get the idea that I'm gonna be bawling by the end of this. And with the way my nose is already burning furiously, that's not gonna be pretty -_-;;;. Damn sinuses.

We rented Slayers: Return yesterday. OMGFUNNIESTSLAYERSOVA/MOVIEEVER!!! That was like, the lamest, funniest villain in history XD. And the scene between the golem and the...bird/turtle thing...OMGBRILLIANCE!!! And the bird/turtle thing was so cute XD. 'Nyao? Nyao! Nyao!' XD

Oh, and I finally got around to watching Adult Swim from last Sunday. Just...fucked up XD. Wonderfully, hilariously fucked up. Especially Space Ghost C2C. Drunk Space Ghost is fucking hilarious. And Zorak? He stuck a flag IN GHOST'S ARSE, set him on fire and PISSED OUT THE FLAMES!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!! XD And Space Ghost jumped him and kissed him XD. All that was missing was for Moltar to get jealous [snicker].

[wanders off to post challenge to T/K Slash]
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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Shake Me Shake Me Baby...

Congratulations! You have an understanding of the
goth culture!

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Woooow... now THAT'S a good quiz. And since I really only made an educated guess at almost all of the answers, I'd love to learn more about the goth lifestyle now. So much I don't know but am eager to find out!!

Irreversible was awesome, btw. But it wasn't nearly as fucked up as everyone at work made it seem. It was just very...real. The violence wasn't any more excessive than a lot of the movies I've seen, it was just very real, and intimate, and visceral. Like when he absolutely pulped that one guy's face. Daaaayumn.

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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


Fucking flu.

Or whatever the fuck this is. It's not normal icky-sicky feelings, because I NEVER get aches and chills unless something's really wrong. I got less than two hours of sleep this morning because I woke up with my nose burning far too much to actually STAY asleep, no matter how hard I tried. [le sigh]

If it wasn't so early I'd call my babeh. ;_; Bridgie, call me if you see this! I need to know what sizes you wear, in case I find something good :D.

Oh well. I'll worry about the four days of work ahead of me later. Return of the King!!!!
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