October 23rd, 2003

Pete love!

Procrastination is your friend!

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Steve: be sure to dedicate the first obscene position you put kurt in to me

Me: [dies laughing, molest0rs Kurt]

Pure. Fucking. GENIUS.

I must work on my application for the Bayville RP tomorrow! And get my glasses! I don't know yet who I want to put for a secondary character at Bayville, either O_o.

Steve, you need THIS.

As for the interesting happening of the day...Paul and I talked at work, for at least an hour, about my life and where it should be going. But eh...now it's late XD. I'll talk about our little life-changing and goal-affirming chat later today...

Mmmm....hawt X-Man sex... [goes to bed]
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Pete love!

This is it, man. Jump off the edge and I'm outta here.

So as of today, my count of people at work who know I'm bi/with Bridgette is up to three; I just told Virak in the car when he drove me home from one of our monthly meetings, and I told Aimee about a week or so ago. I've just gotten to the point where I don't want to hide it anymore. I don't want to say 'my best friend from California' I want to say my GIRLFRIEND. I really don't think anyone at work is gonna hassle me over it, and if they did, well, screw them. I'm still the best CSR Paul has, I'm gonna be out of here in a matter of months, and frankly, above all I just don't give a damn. If they've got a problem with it, fine, I don't have anything to say to them and they can kindly fuck off ^_^.

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In other news, we're losing our Rewards drive contest to Camp Creek's store, by about 50. FUCKBEANS. I'm still in the top selling at our store (I've sold 58 so far, as opposed to the 275 I sold last time, which was a longer drive I think and one in which I worked every Friday and Saturday night) so I don't run the risk of being one of the unlucky ones who get to go cover a weekend night's shift at their store if we lose, but we're being beaten and that definitely doesn't sit right with me. I've still got some pride, at least, heh. Tomorrow and Saturday are my last days to work, unless they extend the drive; but they're also the busiest nights of the week, so I should be able to sell a hell of a lot. I'm anxious to, it's just two more nights before the bliss that will be this coming week, so I'm all ready for it! Time to show my skills a little bit more, one last chance to shine at least a tad ^_^.

Oh, and I got my glasses. Tres cute :D. I love them, I hope Bridgie does too! [KISSKISS]
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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


Moooo...babeh, mom got here a bit earlier than I'd thought, I was still eating dinner when she came so I didn't get to sleep before and I just got home a little bit ago so I haven't slept since ;_;. Can you, uh, give me till...2 my time? I can stay up as late as we want, I just need a nap first you know...sorry!!! [KISSKISSdunkillmeplease]

In other news, I drove ALL THE WAY TO WORK! YAY! And and and...there were CARS on the road most of the way there OMG! I drove with CARS XD. [snicker]

And in other other news...I don't know if I've used this icon yet, but if not, eh...new icon XD.
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