September 26th, 2003

Pete love!

Why yes, yes I am a Quiz*Whore, thank you for noticing.

The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment32.26%
There's something special about you. Every once in awhile, one of your topics gets everyone chatting.
I am but one quiz among millions. My brethren surround me on the page.
Original Content62.9%
Using LiveJournal to express a few strong opinions
Psychodrama Quotient13.25%
Had a comment taken out of context once or twice
Attention Whoring29.55%
You do a little dance whenever someone friends you

Gonna try to write in a minute...let's hope it turns out decent O_o.
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Pete love!

FIC: The Best Moment of His Life, Todd/Kurt, Rating R

Co-worker Aimee gave me a free ticket to the Mid-South Fair, YAY! I love the fair. It doesn't really have anything TO love, but it's fun to just go every year, hanging around until well into the night, weaving through the crowds and enjoying the lights and sounds. I think I'll wander through Libertyland Amusement Park, it's usually much more empty by the time night rolls around, and very soothing in the dark.

Now...FICCAGE! Horrible ficcage but ficcage nonetheless.

Title: The Best Moment of His Life
Rating: R
Fandom: X-Men: Evolution
Pairing: Todd/Kurt
Warnings: SLASH, character death, angst-o-rama
Notes: Written for the contrelamontre challenge this week, to write a fic starting with the line, "This is not the worst moment of his life." Written in, for the most part, the hour and fifteen minute deadline ^_^. My angst muse is back with a vengeance. This sucks, but Bridgie seemed to like it, so meh ^_^;;.
Summary: What could be worse than death?

Disclaimer: Closest-thing-to-bishounen-America's-got Kurt and the lovely and amazing Toad-Boy belong to Marvel, the WB, and probably bunches of other wonderful peoples. So do anyone else mentioned herein. I don't own them, I'm just a klepto who intends no harm and will return them when I'm done. Please dun hurt me.

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