September 10th, 2003

Pete love!


You're Nicholas D. Wolfwood!

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Your classical music soulmate is Isaac Albeniz!
1860-1909 Albeniz was performing during the
romantic period and although he is more well-
known for his piano compositions, I prefer his
guitar playing more. He was born in Spain and
had three children.

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Okay, now I have three fics to post, like, 20 different places. But I'll have Bridgie and RP to keep me company, huzzah!! [snuggles Bridgie] New fic coming up here in moments!
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Pete love!

FIC: Beyond Redemption, Rating: PG-13

Title: Beyond Redemption
Rating: PG-13
Additional Pairings: None
Warnings: Death
Author's Notes: Listening to Meteora while PVTing today resulted in this. Let's just say my Angst*Muse and I are apparently on speaking terms again. This one desperately wants to become another Betrayal series....someone shoot me XD.
Summary:...Some people are beyond redemption.

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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Wake me up inside...

crimsonobsessor's Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 6
Average number of words per sentence:12.46
Average number of syllables per word:1.41
Total words in sample:4422
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Heh heh. I'm easy to understand, apparently. XD

Garg. Wonder if I'll get to clean up the break room tomorrow... I wanna PVT, but I did too good a job today (er, yesterday), I ended up with an overloaded shopping cart full of shrink-wrapped tapes. Plus I used up all the shrink-wrap. So all that's left to get me away from the evil of the customers is breaking down and filing cover boxes. [sigh] I doubt I'll get to, but fook, I don't want to deal with the evil customers. They're...EVIL.

Oh well. I have Bridgie*Goodness to anticipate, that always helps. Or makes it worse with anxious-ness. Crap. ^_^;;;

[snuggles Bridgie, then toddles (heh) off to bed]
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