August 21st, 2003

Pete love!

Lose yourself in the music...

Some more release dates I got from work:

Bruce Almighty-11/25

Nicktoons Christmas-9/30 (WTF? Of course the Most Horrible XMas Ever won't be on there [muttering various expletives)

Daddy Day Care-10/28

28 Days Later-10/21

Finding Nemo-11/4 (great googly-moogly, Finding Nemo and X2 on the SAME DAY? I'm gonna have to take down half the fooking New Release wall for this one O_O)


Matrix Reloaded-10/14

Smallville Season 1-9/23 (for Jason XD)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-9/2 (I assume this is the latest toon)

The Tick: The Entire Series-9/30 (not sure if this is the latest series or what)

There's also a full-length Family Guy movie, but it's just been announced, no release date or other info yet. <--Hee hee!
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