August 17th, 2003

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


So goth you're dead!
You are every goth-kids dream!

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Sooooo very booooooored....Neeeeeeeeed Bridgie......I've spent the past 48 hours doing nothing but making icons and banners, cleaning my room, and wandering aimlessly in the hopes of finding some good X-Men fics. I made some little banners for my claims, which can be seen in profile of course. I wanna learn how to animate icons and stuff, hm...

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy are two of the best shows on television, YAY!!! I would so kick arse on Extreme Elimination Challenge.

BRIDGIE'S COMING HOME OMT!!! I didn't think she'd be back until tomorrow night AAAAAAAAAAH!!! MUCH HAPPINESS HAD BY ME!!!! I r off to take a quick nap before she arrives, so we can talk (and hopefully RP, heh) all night long!!! Oh, and our tentative working title for the RP is apparently 'Because I Got High'. Heh.
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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

Evil r I, yo.

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Apropos, ne? XD

[skips off happily to revel in the fucked-up-edness of Silent Hill 3 and to wait for her Bridgie entity to return]
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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


NEW ICON!!! This one I'm really proud of. It's simple, but I think it's rather beautiful, the picture's amazing. I made this one mainly because I love Pete Wisdom, and I swear no one else seems to even remember who he is. I also fixed up my 'showertime fun' icon, heh. It's a bit clearer now. [runs off to make more icons and banners]
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