July 23rd, 2003

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


We just had the mother of all storms this morning. They tell us it wasn't a tornado, despite the fact the winds got up to 102 mph. Oh wait, the winds were going in a straight line.

It's weird. The city's been declared in a state of emergency, power is out in somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the houses in the entire city, CRANES were knocked down by the wind, for crying out loud, and several Memphis landmarks have probably been destroyed. We saw a few instances of irreplaceable ruins on the way to the movie theater (yes, we're insane) to see PIRATES again [dances the happy gay pirate dance]. That movie's better the second time, WHOOOO!! Fic must be written now.

And now that X2's in the $2 theater, I will be seeing it at least another five times.

Anyway, there's no telling when our power will be back on, so who knows when I'll get to actually come online for any decent amount of time. I finished more of OotP, but I don't remember what page I'm on because I left the book in my mom's car....leaving me with pretty much NOTHING to do tomorrow. Fook. Guess I'll catch up on the many hours of sleep I missed out on tonight/last night/night before that/etc. I think I was at 565 or so in OotP....

Poor Sirius...forced to suffer the agony of worrying and waiting, alone....Just makes the end that much worse. Rowling's turning out to be more sadistic than even me on a good day.
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