July 4th, 2003

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.

OMG H4RRY P0TT3R PR0N?!! WTF!!111!

april pic
You are April O'neil. Often the normalcy in a
world of chaos, you understand both the need
for order in life, but also the need to enjoy
things. You have an inquiring mind, and a good
sense of intuition.

Which TMNT character are you?
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O_O Well, maybe this new April is cooler than the old one...

Mickey Mouse with pussy and bondage leather suit.
Add ons: Grenade Launcher and Uzi
Pink or Black bondage leather

What fucked up stuffed animal should you have?
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Werewolf? Zombie? Who knows....
This is Thriller! Thriller Night! So how exactly is
a zombie also a werewolf? Well if you can dance
who cares! Rigor Mortis can't stop your groove,
get out on that dance floor!

What kind of Zombie are you?!
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YES! You would survive! So you accept the
strangers offer to help save the world from
this zombie apocalypse. You become a hero for
many years to come, and after you destroy the
*first* legion of undead, you become a
scientist on this kinda` stuff. After years of
studying zombies and the like, another breakout
happens. One breakout after another, it
repeats itself so much, it seems as if you are
always fighing these living dead bastards.
Have fun destroying zombies! For many many
years to come, becuase you are SO kickass in
doing so, you are the next Ash(hopefully you
know who I mean, you know...From that great
movie Evil Dead?!).

Would you survive an apocalyptic zombie attack?! This quiz is sort of a short story, so if you like long quizzes, this one's for you!
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['V for victory' sign!]

http://www.boston.com/globe/magazine/2003/0629/fanfic.htm -Yet another of those 'OMG HaRrY P0tter p0rn' articles.

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[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


Yes, tragicaly you are worthy enough to be some
kind of god. Lucky you!

Godlike, you?
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Lonliness, you never fit in anywhere, and it gets
to you all the time.

What curse is placed upon you?
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;_; [huggles Bridgie] I'm lonely...love meh! XD

Wargrounds. Decrepid Unholy Corpses are to be
found there. They rot, and taunt anyone who
walks through their land. They hate being
disturbed, yet desire to be free.

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How can you love somebody so much? [contented ponderings]
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