May 1st, 2003

[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.


You'd bang 2-D! Who wouldn't want this dreamy space
cadet with fractured eyeballs and dents in his
head? (Murdoc's doing) He'd make a sweet lover
if he'd maybe wake up, but sometimes ignorance
is bliss.

Which Gorillaz band member would you bang?
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Hell yeah! Not as fun to cuddle with as Bridgie though [wink wink]

What a great day. First mom called to tell me I didn't need to come to Tunica after all, since they were going to the Isle of Capri, about an hour drive even further than Tunica, and would probably spend the night there. I went back to sleep thinking the day was going to be boring, with me sitting around the house trying to get through Michael Crichton's Prey (due back on the 6th O_o, a very good book so far though).

Instead, I was awakened by a call from Lacey at around 11, saying she was in Memphis and asking if I wanted to go to lunch. How neat! So I jumped up, got dressed, found out one of my contacts has a hole in it so I can't wear them anymore O_o (yes, I'm vain enough to want to wear my contacts for anything that's not lounging around the house or going to work, so this is a rather large disappointment), and got out just as she was knocking on the door.

We went to a Chinese place called the Snow Garden, where I had a delicious chicken-with-almonds dish, wonton soup, and steamed rice, with fried apples for dessert, hee. Lacey's grandmother was even nice enough to treat us both, isn't that so sweet! Her grandmother rawked ^_^. And so did Lacey, I really enjoyed meeting her! She's coming to X2 with us tomorrow, yay ^_^.

After lunch we went by her grandmother's house for a while, arriving just in time to be on the patio when it started to rain ^_^. We hung out there for a minute, but it was cold rain and neither of us like being cold, so we went inside and she gave me a crash course in Overpower. A Marvel card game, how cool is that? There was even a Pryde and Wisdom card, AAAAH!!! Pryde and Wisdom are two of my favorite X-Men (Xcalibur men, and get the idea XD), followed only by Nightcrawler and a little teensy bit by Angel. Pryde is just cool, and Pete Wisdom is one surly little ball of chain-smoking British asshole, so sexeh :D.

Ahem. Anyway, we played cards and talked and had mucho fun ^_^. Then I came home and read some Prey, which is a good book so far, then I played one of the best games of DDR I've ever played, yay!! I was kicking so much more butt than I should've been able to, because I'm really not that good XD. But I was hitting steps faster than I can usually hit them, even quarter steps, though I used to play just workout mode on DDR Max 2 or whatever the PS2 version's called, and I was even hitting those left-right, front-back simultaneous steps, even one right after the other, which I usually can't do at all! I think some left-front right-back ones even got in there, though those all go by so fast I can't remember which I miss and which I hit XD. I don't even know for sure how I hit them in the first place O_O.

And now I come online to find Bridgie, bearing a gift of....OMG!!!! Oh my sweet Tap-Dancing Tallest in G-strings that's SO FREAKING HOT!!! [dies]

[revives and drags Bridgie down, out of the screen's line of sight, and proceeds to do naughty things to her]
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