April 15th, 2003

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Best Weekend Evah! Vol. 1

-Linkin Park Stirs Up Some Frenzy-
Concert Review
by Donnie Snow

"Q-What could be more incongrous than teenage Goth girls listening to hip-hop?
A-Their NASCAR T-shirted dads sitting next to them at a rap-metal/hip-hop concert buying snow cones from vendors walking the stands.

That was the setting Saturday night at the Mid-South Coliseum, where Linkin Park's multi-act Projekt Revolution tour nearly sold out the 6,200 plus venue.

The convergence tour is the latest endeavor for new-metal's ruling monarchs, combining wide-range performances from the sonic demolition of Mudvayne to the hard-rhyming West Coast rapping of Xzibit.

A highlight among the pre-headliners was the turntablism of DMC DJ champion Rocky Rock, who teamed with New York's freestyle rapping master Su-pernatural for perhaps the coolest performance ever wasted as an intermission filler.

The difference between Linkin Park and cookie-cutter rap-metal bands somewhat resembles the difference between its multi-platinum debut "Hybrid Theory," 2001's best-selling album, and its more sophisticated sophomore release, "Meteora."

The sound of the band hasn't changed much, maybe lightening from blue-black to charcoal-gray. It's stil deafening enough to cause guitarist Brad Delson to wear shooting-range earmuffs on stage.

What makes the band different is that it stacks the brutal metal music, suburban rap and tunefully gloomy singing marked by periodic primal screams with a stuided precision not found elsewhere in a genre often defined by jagged edges and premeditated nastiness.

The changing landscape of Linkin Park's music is much easier to judge from its live shows, where "Hybrid Theory's" Crawling, which started the audience jumping in time, is bumped with "Meteora's" angst-ridden Nobody's Listening.

But that's really just rhetoric to the bulk of LP's fans, kids who couldn't care less.

The personal, yet not exclusionary, songs like I Won't Be Ignored (NOT IT'S NAME!!!) and One Step Closer are anthems for a teenage anger nation, whose members at the Coliseum Saturday night were sent into a frenzy.
-Donnie Snow"
'The Commercial Appeal' Monday April 14, 2003

Aside from Mr. Snow's not even getting the song's name right, that's a pretty fair article. Makes LP sound a tad too much like some teen-fad band, but he has the description of their music pretty well down, what with the precisely studied screaming and such. Hard to put into words how screaming can be so...good O_o.

THIS WAS THE BEST FUCKING WEEKEND EVER!!!! Or at least the best since the last time Bridgie and I got together. (Vasquez or Linkin Park, tough choice O_o...think I have to go with Vasquez but it's neck and neck ^_^;;;)

Numerical Rundown of Projekt Revolution:

Hours in line at the gate-2
Concert Start Time-7:01 pm CST
Row We Were Sitting In-ONE!
Sections From the Stage-Probably 2
Bands and Performers Before LP (counting intermission acts)-5
Linkin Park Performance Began-9:45 pm CST
Songs LP Performed-Lost Count, too busy screaming
Times I Headbanged to LP-Enough that my neck still feels like the bones in my spine are welded together
Money Spent at Merchandise Booth-$40
On-1 t-shirt, 1 keychain, 1 pack of 3 stickers
Toothpicks I Shot Into the Ceiling at Huey's Afterwards-4
Times I Sucked at DDR When We Got Home-A LOT
Hours of Sleep Before Struggling With Myself to Let Bridgie Get on the Plane-1 and 1/2
Length of Time My Ears Were Ringing-48 Hours+

So much stuff happened, how can I possibly write it all down O_o. I guess I'll take it day by day. Starting with CONCERT DAY XD. Even though that was the last day, really. Saturday (mah birfday ^_^).

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