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They're making an American version of Funny Games. And it's got the same director/writer, Michael Haneke. This ought to be interesting. I also just watched the trailers for:

Sweeney Todd, which looks interesting and not quite what I expected from the audio recording that quenya_tattoo gave me;
10,000 B.C., which might be fun with enough suspension of disbelief :D;
I Am Legend which doesn't show any of what I remember from the book/novella/whatever the hell it was so I'm starting to wonder if I'm thinking of a different book...[checks Wikipedia] Nope, it's the same story, the trailer just doesn't show anything about the vampire-esque nature of the other creatures, which might be a good thing if they're not trying to bank on it as a 'vampire' movie because that wasn't what the story was about anyway;
The Dark Knight, which is still showing us absolutely nothing but WHOO NEW CHRISTIAN BALE BATMAN MOVIE;
The Mist, which is based on one of my favorite Stephen King short stories and had a great ending and I'm looking forward to it;
Martian Child, which looks like it will probably make me cry if I see it;
and The Darjeeling Limited, which looks really good and I'll probably want to see, if only for Adrien Brody and Owen Wilson.

Fuck, there are still so many movies I want to go see right now. If I was still working at Blockbuster I'd be majorly FAIL cause I would have hardly seen anything that came out in the past year, it seems. But then, I'd also hate my job, and humanity as a whole. And while I still hate humanity to a degree, I'm very happy with my job so I'm glad I'm not still working at Blockbuster. Especially since I still never pay for my rental except my $15 subscription a month.

Trials and Tribulations time again, w00t!
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