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Why, body, WHY?! ;_;

20 fucking days is NOT enough time in between periods, THANKS BODY!!! Now not only am I sick, I'll also be cramping, on a weekend when I want to do so many things. 'S not fair. ;_;

I packed up everything at my work cubicle today. 4 boxes! We're moving the entire Claims Processing Dept. to the building next door, while everyone else stays in the main building. I'll probably never see any of my friends from Customer Care ever again. Woes. :( And I'm going to have a new supervisor, since the claims recorders are all going to be on one team, but I'll be back on Chris's team again when I become a coder. On the plus side, I'll have nice tall walls on all sides of my new cubicle, so I can put up tons of pretty pictures of the pretty Phoenix and Edgeworth and their two three pretty adopted children (Pearls, Maya, and...Larry xD).

Why does Semagic keep correcting my T E H to the?!! I DON'T WANT CORRECT SPELLING THERE.

Bridgie treated me to Applebee's tonight, and we talked of happy PW story and RP things. It was so much love!! <333 One of the greatest pleasures in the world is discussing fandomy and random shite with my Babeh over a delicious dinner. Or as we're going to sleep, that's also very much love. We've stayed up almost an hour a night this week just talking about stories and things.

The 'rita at Applebee's wasn't as good as the last time, which is sadness, but their dessert shooters (the strawberry cheesecake and the chocolate mousse) were DEVINE. Oh, and Bridgie's now my sugar mama, since she makes more money than I do. Which I can totally live with. <333
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