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Why does the last case of the second game have to be so damn awesome? OFUJUGGGGGGLGH only a few more days until game 3 comes out FUCK YES. I pre-ordered my copy, yes I did, and will be picking it up as soon as I get off work that night, so hopefully I'll get my Phoenix plushie. Did I mention Bridgie bought me the "OBJECTION" pointy finger stylus/wriststrap/screen cleaner combo that came as a pre-order on the second game? I LOVE IT. Anyway, Bridgie decided we should do what we did with Todd and Kurt; namely, get the guys screennames and RP as just IM conversations. XD For the purposes of this, we're assuming that Edgeworth is a closet fanboy and so this is his fanboy screenname, and Phoenix's screenname, well...Maya picked it out for him. Yeah.

This is CRACK that we ad-libbed last night. I don't know what the hell we were doing. XD

Sorry to bug...

samraiprosecutor: Who is this?

SAMURAILUVR11111: Er, me?

samraiprosecutor: Wright? How did you get my screenname?

SAMURAILUVR11111: Er, from Gumshoe... but I gave you mine, don't you have me on your list?

samraiprosecutor: Hm. I'll have to have a talk with him about giving out information that's not his to give. Regardless, I don't update my lists often, I haven't gotten around to it. What do you want, Wright?

SAMURAILUVR11111: Sorry... er, I just wanted to ask you about the case

samraiprosecutor: All right, ask.

SAMURAILUVR11111: Okay... do you have any info on the pimp cane?
You know... the murder weapon

samraiprosecutor: Yes, it's a cane, and it belonged to that pimp. Do you really expect me to give information away so easily, Wright? You'll have to dig a bit harder than that.
Or go talk to Gumshoe.

SAMURAILUVR11111: I already did, but he told me I'd have to ask you. Well, after he told me about the hooker with fifty dollar bills lodged in her throat... Jesus, what a way to go.

samraiprosecutor: Quite. This was a special one, wasn't it?

SAMURAILUVR11111: I just want to know if the cane was still in possession of the pimp at the time it was obtained as evidence.
Yeah, and what was with that guy in the pig costume?

samraiprosecutor: Have you talked to that woman with the one leg? I couldn't get away from her for a full 45 minutes.

SAMURAILUVR11111: He seems kind of suspicious if you ask me...
...she beat me with her prosthetic....

samraiprosecutor: I'll have to send her a box of chocolates.


samraiprosecutor: I'm smirking, just so you know.

SAMURAILUVR11111: And I'm still crying.
...hey, did that guy with the mustache try to, um.

samraiprosecutor: I feel for you. Or at least I'm pretending to.
I'd rather not talk about it.

SAMURAILUVR11111: ...yeah.
Me neither.
So, pimp cane.
Did he still have it?

samraiprosecutor: Yes. He tried to hit one of the officers with it, actually.

SAMURAILUVR11111: ..poor Gumshoe.

samraiprosecutor: Indeed.

What are you doing?

samraiprosecutor: ...Talking to you. Or is this a hallucination?

SAMURAILUVR11111: Life is an hallucination.

samraiprosecutor: That's deep. Where did you steal it from?

SAMURAILUVR11111: A bench.
Actually, it was graffitied onto a bench.

samraiprosecutor: Well, at least it didn't compare life to a box of chocolates.

SAMURAILUVR11111: But it's true!
You never know what you're going to get!

samraiprosecutor: Not true. When I'm dealing with you, I can be assured I'll be getting a headache.

And that's when we went to bed. XD
Tags: miles edgeworth, phoenix wright, rp

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