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I have tons of stuff to post about, but I'm trying to RP (OMGOMGOMGOMG RPING IS SO MUCH FUN WHY DID WE EVER STOP!??! NOW I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE!! YAY!) so I'm just gonna stick this up here and GIP y'all and go on about my business. :)

P.S. Someone needs to smack me for thinking of Edgeworth every time I hear almost any of Linkin Park's songs. WHY HE GOTTA BE SO EMO?! Bridgie and I spent half our work day emailing each other with song lyrics that Phoenix and Edgeworth could sing to each other. It was absolutely glorious. I think she won when she dragged out Celine Dion, but I almost had her with 'It's Been a While'!
Tags: brains, emo, linkin park, phoenix/miles, videos
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