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Bento and others picspam

I made a bento lunch! YAYS! I'm gonna try to keep up with this, and do it at least 2 or 3 times a week, for several reasons. It helps with portion control, it gives me a great variety, it'll make me eat more fruits and veggies, cause they go great in bento, and it's just FUN and saves me from the monotony of grabbing a burrito or panini out of the freezer as I'm running out the door in the morning. If I keep it up, Bridgie might get me more bento stuff for Christmas. ^_^

Bridgie, when we went to Denny's with Bryan and Manda to meet his mom. Idn't she purty? [kisskiss]

Bryan and Manda, bein' cute for the camera.

Me, looking stupid. :D

My gay Sidekick 3. Pink like Edgeworth's suit and blue like Phoenix's, how sweet!! XD

This is what's now on the shelf in our closet; tons of books and comics that used to be...

...up here, on top of Bridgie's computer desk, with all the rest of these books too. In case you can't guess, it used to be a HUGE mess. Like, we were afraid to bump into her desk, for fear of 15 heavy books falling on us.

Now only the most important/prettiest books are on top of her desk, flanked by the beautiful NBC bookends that her mom got her for Christmas last year.

Bento stuff! I got these to hold soy sauce/other sauces.

Grass dividers. They're too big to fit in the bottom part of my bento so I'll have to cut them down sometimes.

Mayo cups, for holding (duh) mayo or other things of similar viscosity. :D

Weiner shaper to turn small weiners into penguins. Can't wait to try it out, but I don't know what kind of weiners to buy. XD

See? What a happy penguin!

Wasabi 'furikake' to sprinkle on rice and stuff.

Everything was wrapped in these pages from Japanese style magazines or something. Really pretty mags on good quality, shiny paper. Keen.

Bento! TENMARI in blue, by Lube Sheep. Heh. Lube. Heh. Sheep.

Insulated bag ftw!

Lunch in a bag. It's so cute and tiny and I love it!

And now, the climax, BENTO!

This is the top portion, the larger one. The triangle in the middle is filled with chicken and bell peppers that were left over from homemade chicken fajitas on Friday. Around it is left over refried beans from the same meal, sprinkled with provalone cheese. At the top left is a fish bottle with hot sauce. The bento box is microwaveable. Bridgie helped me arrange the cheese. :D

The smaller bottom portion. Bridgie basically took over at this point, because I wasn't making it pretty enough. XD Banana slices on the right, peach chunks on the left, and little silicon cups of Cool Whip Lite for dipping. Topped off with the top of a strawberry just because it's cute. Didn't Bridgie do an awesome job?

Now, I'm off to have sex or play Phoenix Wright. We're not sure yet, it's such a tough choice.
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