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Random items

--OMGOMGOMGOMG. J. J. Abrams bought the rights to a movie version of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Oh HELL YES. And Todd McFarlane is doing a dark Wizard of Oz movie, that oughta be interesting. I'm not sure that anything could be creepier than Return to Oz, but this IS Todd McFarlane we're talking about. XD

--I missed the premiere of the newest Highlander movie on Sci-Fi. Odd thing is, I was just thinking about it this week, because I decided to start watching the Season 3 eps at work, since I bought them used at Gamestop back in July. The premiere was last night! I can't believe I missed it! ;_; I mean, I don't have super-high expectations for it, but Methos alone is worth watching!! I'll have to catch it on Thursday when it repeats. [sigh]

--Almost done downloading all those discs, Beaubier! I'll put them on my mp3 player tonight and listen to them at work tomorrow, see which ones I like. You're so awesome for sharing!!

--I found me some purty Lawyer*Slash over at Damn you, 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney'! Why do you have to be so awesome?! Damn you, Edgeworth!! Why you gotta be so hawt!! XP

--Time to go swimming, yay!
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