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I just wandered forever. I started doing the quest for Silithid eggs in the Field of Giants, then when I finished that I thought I'd have a go at the Weapons of Choice quest further south. Instead of finishing that one, though, I just kept walking after killing one Razormane. And walking. And walking. I ended up at the Great Lifts, which is really awesome looking, took them down, wandered through that creepy empty area waaaaaay down below. Somehow I managed to not get attacked by the eight-levels-stronger monsters on the sides of the road until I reached Felaras. Then I got attacked by a hyena and an elemental AT THE SAME TIME. I ran until I lost them in the jungle (no, seriously) and killed by a wolf. WTF. BUT I came to in Camp Mo'jache, or however it's spelled. In all I found another flight path, saw some interesting new areas, and got XP from discovering 7 or 8 new places. Sweet.

Then I used my hearthstone to go back to Orgrimmar, where I proceeded to blow about 2 gold on 12 new skills.

For those who're keeping track, that means I reached level 20. YEAH baby! My first alt to hit 20, I'm so proud. [sniff]

...[pokes zully] Heeeeeeey there! ^_~
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