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I feel like this is the closest I've ever been to being drunk. Which isn't saying much, cause I rarely drink and when I do it's usually just, like, one cocktail. Bridgie invited me to meet her at Applebee's today when she got off work, and it wasn't until halfway through my meal that I remembered to ask for a drink (there wasn't a drink menu at our table so I had to ask for one the second time the waitress came back and then pick what I wanted). I ordered their Perfect Margarita...Cointreau, Agave juice or somesuch, and...some other liquor I can't remember. They brought me a whole shaker-thing full of margarita, and I only had half the meal to eat it because we wanted to hit some shops before they closed at 9. I had, like, 3 martini glasses full of margarita. I actually didn't feel bad while we were walking around the stores for about an hour, just a bit giggly, but as soon as I got home I felt REALLY weird. I'm all floaty and detached, and I keep making typos that I have to fix. Ha ha, I've never quite felt like this before. I'm not sure that it isn't partially due to fatigue... I am so fucking tired because I missed about a half hour's sleep each night this week, and TWO hours Monday night while I was reading Harry Potter...


Anyway, Applebee's Bruschetta burger is fucking awesome, as is their Chicken Tortilla Soup. Mmmm.

I drove home. O_O BUT I wasn't feeling this bad when I did, I'd walked for an hour so I figured it was somewhat burned off, and I drove right behind Bridgie the whole time just in case something happened. I feel guilty, though, and I hopefully won't ever have to drive home even remotely inebriated again. O_O_O_O_O_O
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