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More stuff on Deathly Hallows

Spoilers in all of these links! I unfortunately don't have the time to go over my thoughts just yet (Ace of Cakes is calling me, evil show. ;_;) but almost everything I was thinking about Deathly Hallows is said by Beth in THIS post.

Found some interviews that are following up with J.K. after the release, and they give more info about what happened to a lot of the characters, including jobs and such. Apparently Rowling's planning on eventually releasing an encyclopedia with backstories and future stories, which makes me exceedingly happy. and

And this link is for anyone who wants a 'Movies in Fifteen Minutes'-type rendition of the entire novel, or who doesn't care about reading the whole thing and just wants to see what all happened so they can enjoy the explosion of wank that is, I'm sure, still spreading through the internets. It's funny as hell. :D

This icon seems almost prophetic now. XD
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