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These are far too addictive!

I've seen some of these ytmnd things before, but never actually scoured the site. Silly me. Look at all the great stuff I was missing!

I was watching Prisoner of Azkaban at work today (I started going through all the movies this week since I thought I'd be going to OotP this weekend) and I started getting all misty-eyed when Sirius and Harry were talking about being able to live together once Sirius is cleared. Then again when Hermione and Harry were talking at the end and Harry was all, "Maybe we'll get a house out in the country somewhere. Where we can see the stars. I think Sirius would like that, being cooped up in Azkaban for so long."

WHYYYYYY, SIRIUS?!?!?!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!?!?????!! Bridgie and Manda and Bryan are probably going to end up pretending they don't know me by the time this movie is over. I will BAWL LIKE A PISTOLWHIPPED CHILD. I know this for a fact. The only question in my mind is where they're going to get me crying; in the book I think I cried a bit when the deed was done, but the waterworks really started when Dumbledore and Harry were fighting at the end.

I might also cry if they kept in that one scene with Molly trying to clear out the boggart that kept turning into her dead family members. FUCKING HELL.

Anyway, the extra features on the second and third movie are totally awesome, especially PoA. The interviews are great, and I loved all that stuff about how the movie was made (the stuff about Scotland as the filming location and the crazy weather they had that just showed up so well in the film made me a happy little movie-lover.) And I want the soundtrack, dear sweet Tallest. John Williams is the god of composition.
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