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This is made of so much win!

Oh Optimus, you so crazy!

Bridgie's on the phone with her mom and Capital One trying to fix an unauthorized payment, muy fun. We're supposed to go out to Chili's when she's done, but who knows how long that will take, especially considering she's on hold. ;_; So I'll just ramble on here instead.

Bridgie's supervisor (or rather, former supervisor, they switched sups when her schedule changed) was walking by while I was bugging Bridgie before I went home; she went 'Aaaaw, Sirius and Remus!' when she saw the Chibi Padfoot and Moony on my messenger bag, and we spent fifteen minutes squeeing over Harry Potter, and going on and on about how we'll cry at the end of this movie, and how we're going to the book release party. We're going to the SAME Borders, so we'll probably end up seeing each other, yay! CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!!!

crzydemona posted clips today of Dan Radcliffe on Jay Leno. It was beautiful, but I only got to see the first half because NBC pulled it. Anyway, Dan is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Seems like he'd be a fun person to hang around, too; I about died when they started talking about partying and he was saying that wasn't really his thing. So cute. He also said Rupert Grint made the most awesome purchase ever; AN ICE CREAM TRUCK. Now there's a guy who knows how to enjoy his money.

I'ma go get some Harry Potter 'the end is nigh'-type icons. I always tried to use my own icons, but now that I have so damn many, I don't mind yoinking some of the really good ones I see. :D
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