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[drooling still over Bridgie's Bondage*Pic birfday present] Did I mention yet that I worship you?

We got in our Buena Vista preordering info for the coming year. In it was a whole nice advertisement for STITCH! THE MOVIE! The sequel's finally coming!!! August! The ad shows some of the other 625 experiments, mentions that Gantu's hunting them down and they start showing up on Earth, and says that ALL the original VAs are in it! YES!!! Best part of the ad though, is this line... "It's an all new movie with "Aunt" Pleakley, "Uncle" Jumba, and more space alien cousins!"

AUNT PLEAKLEY!!!! BWAHAHAAA!!! That's just begging for more Jumba/Pleakley slash XD.

People are always surprised when I tell them sweet little Lilo is the same girl who plays the wonderfully fooked up psycho-freak-monster child in The Ring XD.

No Lacey tomorrow, sadness ;_;. BRIDGIE!! I NEED YOU HERE!!! Why must Thursday be so far away?! WHY!!!

So much Harry Potter XD. I'm so glad I'm not working Friday, I would probably stuff a kid in the drop box before the day was done.

Jamie and Britt joined CLM, hot damn!!! More people need to join, come on guys!!!


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