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Small picture post

Happy 4th to everyone on here that's from America! :D I uploaded some of the pictures I took from zully's visit this past weekend! I've got another 5 million to upload, from that event and from our trip to Gatlinburg for the Gathering, but I have to go to bed in less than 15 minutes so you guys have to wait. Pictures are HERE.

Also, I forgot to tell you guys of the bird adventure we had today! There are swallows nesting in mud nests under the eaves of our tri-level house. They're a protected species so we can't touch them, which means there's been bird crap right in front of the doors out since mid-May. We've found a few dead baby birds already, but today Nicki managed to find one alive! Amazingly, it managed to survive the incredible fall, despite the fact that it probably wasn't more than a day or so old, and also was lucky enough to be found before the dogs got a hold of it. It took us a half hour or so to find a place that could take bird rescues that was actually open. (The bird has lousy timing, falling from its nest on a holiday. How rude.) We finally were able to take it to the Inland Humane Society, but when we got there it was also closed. So we called Nicki, she called them again, and they told her the rescue person was out at the time and we would have to just leave the box by the gate with holes punched in the top. :/

It was worrying, especially since there were two gates and we weren't sure they wouldn't just look at one and assume we'd never left the bird if they didn't find it immediately, or maybe an animal would come along and manage to get into the box, or any one of a dozen other horrible things. But as we were leaving the rescue lady drove up; as she got out of her truck to open the gate, we told her the baby bird was by the gate and needed to be picked up. She just kind of grunted. :P But I'm going to assume she got it, and that we did a good thing by saving it. Pictures of the scary little baby can be found HERE.

And now it's actually 15 minutes PAST the time I was supposed to go to bed, so g'night. :D
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