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I am officially insane.

First, I spent some of my nice big tax return on my Gathering tattoo. Now... I spent some of it on a permanent LJ account. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

This is coming at a time when I should be doing sensible things like, oh, say, going to the DENTIST (which I haven't done since I was a child, my teeth are all crooked and my gums bleed whenever I brush them. :D) But at least I'm not totally insane; I only decided to buy a permanent account after deciding to NOT renew my Disneyland Annual Pass yet. It's sad, but I won't need to use it anytime soon, and it's silly to pay to renew and not even use it more than once in the year. If I want to go to Disneyland for anything, I'll renew. Until then, I can use that $220 or so bucks. :P

I've not quite brought myself to give up on WoW yet, even though I never have time to play it. I'm pathetic. XD

I have 138 icons, I can make 20 voice posts a month, and I'll never have to pay for Livejournal again! Huzzah!!!

In other news, I want to get into Gargoyles fandom and write fics for the con next year and stuff. I read "Reflection" during an open reading/writing discussion panel just before the Mug-a-Guest with Thom, and people really seemed to like it. I got lots of clapping. It made me very happy, and stroked my ego quite a bit. :3 I kinda freaked halfway through it because I'd thought the slash was all subtle and not nearly as overt as it turned out to be. XD I almost stopped reading once it started getting slashy, but I kept going, and people still seemed to like it. Jade Griffin said "Now that's what I call pre-slash!" and a guy who I sadly don't know said he thought that's just how the boys would have reacted. Ego boost ahoy! XD

Apologies if that sounds egotistical, by the way. My ego (like quite a few writers, I think) is a bit big, but at the same time I'm insecure about my work. It's an odd paradox, and leaves me feeling very weird about praise of any sort. And I have no idea where I was going with this because Bridgie distracted me with pictures from the Gathering. I'm gonna go read Earthenwing fic now.
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