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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
What's wrong with your head?!!! 
7th-Apr-2003 01:41 am
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
View From the Top is a cute movie ^_^. Mike Myers rawks!

I left my glasses at Mom's O_o. I am blind.

Mom's husband bought a car adapter for his little 'screen-included' Playstation. Lucky dawg XD. Also from the K-Mart which is closing in 7 days, I got a pretty pair of silver and amethyst earrings (originally $50, now only $13!), the newest Wallflowers CD, and I got my little bro the Harry Potter CoS soundtrack. The poor little guy has a hand-me-down 3 CD changer and no CDs O_o. So now he has a CD to listen to ^_^. I'm trying to instill a love of good music in him. Meteora is next on the list I'll buy for him.

Note to self: Tomorrow, post Mallrats at my site and at FFN. Couldn't see enough to do it tonight O_o.

And now!!! ......Some quotes!

"And what goes better with danger than...gumballs!!!" -strange gumball machine thing, The Brak Show

"What can go wrong with donkeys around?" -Dad, The Brak Show

"First you dine, then you're mine." -Zorak, being naughty, The Brak Show

"Hey! Why are you all still alive! Oh, that's right, it's only Tuesday." -Zorak, The Brak Show

"Pepper, you're a dude, why didn't you tell me?!" -Zorak
"I was experimenting, it gets lonely on the road." -Pepper, The Brak Show

"Are you supposed to do something, or..."
"Am I not invisible?"
"WHY NOT?!" -That mad scientist guy and his weird assistant, Aqua Teen Hungerforce

"ASSess the window."
"ASSESS. You put the wrong emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle." -View From the Top

"I lie a lot. That's what makes me cool." -Zorak

I ate WAY too much O_o. Such a pig XD. Need, exercise...

Hope Lacey gets to come visit Tuesday. It'll be nice to meet another net friend! If she does, we'll go eat at a place called the Snow Garden, and see Spirited Away, yay! As an added bonus it'll help pass the time until THURSDAY!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!! Just a few more days I can't wait AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! [falls on the floor screaming and spasming like the Resisty member in Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars]
7th-Apr-2003 04:25 pm (UTC) - Watch out for hacked up green gunk!
Well, I'm afraid a trip out your way is a no-go this time around. We haven't called to check on how Grandmother's doing yet, but Dad's pointed out that this cold I've been unable to shake would be really bad for her if she happened to catch it. Next chance to make a trip out to Memphis will be in May.

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