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Just so you guys know (well, a lot of you might already know, but still) this journal will be unoccupied starting tomorrow and ending next Tuesday (or possibly later, depend on how wiped we are when we get back.) We're off to quaint Pigeon Forge, TN for this year's Gathering of the Gargoyles and a visit with my mom and her hubby. The trip happened to fall around the time of their anniversary (they got married in nearby Gatlinburg) so I was able to convince them to spend their anniversary there so I could see them! I'm getting super excited, as well as stressed from trying to make sure I don't forget anything, and kinda freaked because I can't fly without being convinced the plane's gonna go down. :P We're flying United to Chicago and then to Tyson McGhee, in Knoxville, and picking up a rental car for the rest of the way. This will be the first real, not nearby, totally on our own including flight, hotel, and rental car responsibilities trip. I feel all grown up. XD

So please wish us luck for the flights, fun for the convention and sightseeing, and lots of happy for being able to see my mom and Allen again. We might make some random phone posts, or posts from the web with our phones (here's hoping I might actually get some service for once, and doubting it because Pigeon Forge is kinda out there.) When we get back I plan to post pictures of my newly painted pants (I gots Donny on mah pants ho boy!!) Maybe I'll even have Turtles fic to post, if only a one-shot. Aside from the giant Donny fic I've been working on, a Raph/Casey bunny popped up, and since there's hardly any out there, it needs to be written.

Good bye, guys! I'll try to make a quick post letting you know we got there safe, and one letting you know we got home safe, if nothing else!
Tags: fanfic, gargoyles, gathering of the gargoyles, gatlinburg, pigeon forge, tmnt, trips

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