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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
3rd-Jun-2007 01:10 am
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
Stolen from Bridgie, mwahahaha!

Guess I shall use this space to discuss my OTPs thus far into the series!

Okay, so far my OTPs are as follows.

Leo/Usagi or possibly Leo/Karai, cause, duh, they're both canon. XD

Raph/Casey. Cause it's just too much fun. Also April/Casey. Just because.

Mikey/Leatherhead. It's also obviously canon, and they balance each other out in an interesting way.

I DON'T HAVE ANYONE I WANT TO PAIR DON WITH. Something is very wrong with this picture. Even more wrong is that, through the first season and into the second, I didn't want to pair anyone with anyone. I actually wanted to read [PSAG!] GEN*FIC. What's wrong with me! Anyway, yeah, Don would be cute with, say, Prof. Honeycut, or I guess April, or hell, even Sydney, but I don't really want to pair him with any of them. The closest I get is the Professor. ^_^;;; I'm hoping there might still be someone to pair him up with later on, but I may have to settle for loads of nummy wangst or something. Wangst isn't quite as fun without Comfort*sex though. [MOURNFUL SIGH]
5th-Jun-2007 02:16 am (UTC)
It would make me very happy if you got into Turtles fandom. I want all of my friends to experience the amazingness that is the 2003 cartoon. It's one of the most amazingest cartoons EVAH. And there's so much fic fodder it's ridiculous.

Hee, you make me blush. Thank you. <3

[uses her only TMNT icon so far]
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