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Okay, I'm actually posting art at my almost-never-used deviantart account. I don't know if I mentioned it (I think I did) but Bridgie's mom gave me an awesome digital camera for my birthday. I've been using it mostly for snapshots (birthdays and events, taking pictures of us hanging out with Manda and Bryan, or stupid shit like the posters of Harry Potter and Pirates in the movie theaters) but on Mother's Day the lighting outside was so perfect, I just had to start really using it for some artsy-fartsy shots. I took photography back in high school and I thought I was at least decent for being new to it, but I haven't done any photography in a LONG time. So I'm super excited about these pictures, and I'm really proud of some of them. If you guys could spare a few minutes to look at some of them, it would make me uber uber happy. :) Also constructive criticism is welcome!!! [HUGS ALL]

Edit: Okay, three pictures are up, about 5 million more will be put up in a couple hours, after Bridgie and I indulge in our daily dose of Turtles. :D
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