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Bring me your love!

More posting-from-work randomness. I've temporarily changed my LJ layout back to an old one because my other layout was nearly impossible to read on my sk3 and I wanted to be able to read my friends page at work. I meant to keep the journal page as my Gorillaz layout, but it didn't work. :P I hope to make a TMNT layout this weekend. :D

I have a team meeting to go to at 10. Blergh. Never thought I'd ever NOT want to go to a team meeting, but with my new position I'm happier just working all day, in my own quiet little space. I still haven't told you guys about my job yet, huh? I'll have to do that when I get home! Must start working now, though.

I remembered my bottle today! [dance dance]
Tags: lj layout, sk3, tmnt, vpi

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