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So I'm in Bridgie's mom's car, on the way back from celebrating her brother's birthday. Bridgie's asleeping next to me, and there's not much else to do since no one's on AIM except Bryan, and he stopped talking to me [poke] so I figured I could make a quick post!

We all went out to dinner at The Lobster in Santa Monica. Now, with this family I've been to some nice restaurants, and I'm very lucky to be included. I love Bridgie's family dearly, they've always made me feel welcomed. Anyway, this was perhaps the most expensive dinner I've ever had, and BOY was it worth it. There was 8 of us; most of us had lobster...50.00 lobster, or 30.00 a pound lobster, there were three kinds. We had oysters and artichoke hearts and ahi for appetizers. I was daring and had some of the ahi with sturgeon roe, (eew fish eggs) and actually really liked the roe. They couldn't get me to eat the oyster, but I tried both kinds of lobster, and hated them. :D

My dish was a 40.00 king salmon. It was decadent, I've never had fish that good...

We're almost home, tbc when I get there!
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