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BPAL for the CBLDF!

Okay, I've wanted to try BPAL scents for a long time now. Not because I need them (I haven't, until this point, wanted to wear any sort of perfumes or anything, ever) but they sound good and it seems like an interesting little hobby. Sadly, an somewhat expensive hobby, hence my not getting any yet.

That's going to have to change now. BPAL just released a series of scents based on characters from NEIL GAIMAN's books.

Neil "My authorial guru" Gaiman.

I don't care if they're not available in the tiny, cheaper bottles. I must have at least one of these scents. One of the biggest bonuses, though, is that all funds go directly to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which I've wanted to donate to for a long time now. So, yeah, I have to save $25.00 now. :D Wish I could tell what they smell like before I buy though.

/fangirl stupidity

In other Neil-ish news, there's lots of nummies up about Stardust (perhaps my favorite Neil book is becoming a movie, squees.) Making, like, the top five of the 5687 movies that I'm dying to see in 2007. Oh this movie-viewing year is going to kick so much ass, I don't know that my heart can take it!

Okay, no more spamming everyone's friends page. ^_^;;;;
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