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Okay, my Mom wants to be able to see these pictures, and I haven't posted pictures on here in AGES, so I'm going to post pics from my awesome weekend with Mom visiting from Memphis, and maybe some pics from Lion King as well. Since I have to go to bed because of work (and so I don't absolutely kill your computers!), I'll start off small. These are pics from Newport Beach, where Mom, Bridgie, Manda (bloodyincubus), Bryan (dieselhamasaki), and I went Sunday morning, 12/5/06.

Teh Manda!

Mommy and me!

Hi, how's it goin'?

Bryan, sending his Bird of Death to finish off another of his enemies!

Aaaw, poor Gimpy. He was awesome, and we tried to feed him the most fries. :D

A tree in the sand, ooh.

Aaaw, Bry and Manda!

Cuteness. ^_^

Heeee. Happiness is a Bridgie squeeze!! For anyone who might not have seen pictures of us, I'm the one with the glasses. ^_^

Such love!

Bryan, about to squash another tiny mortal! MWAHAHA!

Teh Mommy! <3

A nice shot of Bryan.

Aren't I lovely? :P

Cute Manda!

Birdy prints.

This was awesome. The tide had created a sort of river inside the beach, so that there were large strips of land between the ocean and this inland river. It was a very interesting phenomenon!

See the family resemblance? ^_^

And that's just some of the first few pages of these pics. Just wait till I get home tomorrow to post the rest! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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