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Bargain shopper!

CompUSA was closing. I got $300 worth of computer stuff, for $177. I now have a 250 GB external harddrive for my desktop, a pack of 100 DVD+Rs, some of those nifty CD slip covers that protect discs, a little 128 MB USB Flash drive, Lewis Black: On Broadway, and my brother's birfday present, namely a stick of RAM for his poor, pathetically slow laptop. :D Awesomeness. Too bad they ran out of RAM that fit my laptop, but I got there yesterday (and today, had to go back to pick up my Flash drive that was missing when I got home, got the last one they had left today! O_O) and there were only 8 days left until closing, so it was pretty well trashed. Big props to Bryan for coming with me and pointing out the good stuff!

Our front porch is awesomely decorated. Even if everyone else in the city has let the spirit of Halloween die, this house is still decorated this year, damn it!

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