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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
3rd-Apr-2003 11:13 pm
[Phoenix] X-Files Edgeworth.
Bridgie*Fic, huzzah!

Ah had a good day at work today, strangely enough. Paul bought me eggs and a biscuit for breakfast, in return for going to pick up his order at the BarBQ joint across the parking lot. Then, when he got a Taco Bell meal for lunch, he gave me two of the supreme tacos! He's the greatest boss ever! I'm so full XD. Then UPS came, with the biggest shipment I swear I've ever seen them bring. FOUR HUGE BOXES of Harry Potter, and that's just the SALE product!! I can't imagine how much rental we'll be getting! And the rest was candy, which I spent the rest of the day restocking. Ah bought Bubble Tape!! And I rented Elijah Wood's Ash Wednesday, and Tim's game (Primal) came in just about a half hour before I left, so he was happy when I got home ^_^.

Gotta watch Dog Soldiers and Ash Wednesday now...

Off work tomorrow, HELL YEAH!!! [does pooty Skoodge move]

Ah, 'Miz Zag' has posted more fic (if you can call it that). She doesn't seem to have much to say now, she's trying to sound superior but it doesn't seem like she can still hold onto all of that illusion. I'm gonna respond tomorrow, perhaps, right now I'm in too good a mood to bother with her.

Wanna wriiiiiiite....
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