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Crimson Obsession
homo sum; humani nihil mihi alienum est
I'm special! 
17th-Oct-2006 10:33 pm
[Asterix] Saturday Night Fever!

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I just paid off my Bank of America Visa. Now the only bill I have, aside from necessities and entertainment, is my Providian Visa, which is only at about 200.00. Though I'll probably put more back on it if my Mom and brother(s) come to visit for Christmas. (crosses fingers) Still, a winner is me! And my credit score went up to 716! WHEEE!

In other news, I might have fucked up my chance to go to the claims department any time soon. :D I'm working on getting my verbal warning removed (apparently I was late many dates by about 4 minutes each, though I'm pretty much ALWAYS there on time, whether or not I'm on the phone on time.) I'm arguing against one of the lates, and the absences from last week, when I got majorly nauseous in the morning and then went to the doctor the next day, might be excusable if I get a doctor's note. So, have to do that tomorrow. I also get to go to a claims luncheon tomorrow, which is scheduled to be two hours off the phones, and possibly a Team Meeting too (which I'm not going to believe until I'm there, as meetings seem to get pushed back by another week at the last second.) So hopefully it'll be a good day, and make the wait for this fun weekend go a lot faster.

Speaking of fun weekend, Manda and Bryan are coming over to help decorate the house all Halloween style, and we might have a few other things in the work, including buying Sims 2 - PETS Edition!!! WHOO!

As for the mild tmi, yesterday I experienced the worst cramping I've had since the years after I first started my period. I was fucking CRYING at work, and finally went home at about 4:30. (Didn't get home until almost 5:30 because of the fucking traffic. I hope I NEVER have to drive home regularly in 5:00 traffic.) I was feeling a little better not long after, but because I could only get the early leave excused by getting a doctor's note, Bridgie was awesome enough to drive me to the late night clinic. The clinic was nice enough, as far as hospitals and clinics go. I only had to show my insurance card, which was cool, and my copay's always 10.00, which is much cooler. The doctor gave me a note and recommended I make an appointment with an OBGYN, because apparently gut-wrenching, mind-blowing pain that doesn't respond to excess doses of medication isn't something a period's normally supposed to come with. :D So I get to add that to the dentist's appointment I should

We finally got a bed frame this weekend, mostly so that we'd have under bed storage, and we put all our Space Bags under there. You can actually see our shoes now, instead of just a massive, colorful pile in the closet! Nani's cage is nice and clean too, yay! And Bridgie's gotten me onto a new RP group, for Lion King. :D I made up a meerkat, Shamim, a sweet friendly little girl to go with her bitch of a meerkat Siri! It's fun to be RPing again, though we've barely started. Bridgie drew a picture of our characters together, and I inked most of it in Photoshop, which was fun!

Yeah, I'm finding it hard to be interesting, though these things are making me very happy. Most of it is probably stuff that won't interest anyone, heh. Sorry I'm boring. :D
19th-Oct-2006 04:43 am (UTC)
I just surprised Bridgie by coming home with a copy of Pets. She's squeeing happily now, and so am I. :D

I surprised her good, too. I told her I was busy with a huge claim (which was true :D) and I might be a little late, not to mention I was on E so I had to hurry to Diamond Bar to get gas. I called Walmart from work, no copies left. I called Kmart from the gas station, don't carry PC games at all. I was lamenting the fact that there's not a damn place around the house that carries anything other than movies, when, lightbulb! TARGET just opened down the street October 8th!! Hoping they hadn't sold out, I hurried by there, aaaand, TADA! SIMS! It was only $30.00 AND the Target copy comes with an exclusive 'Star Dalmatian' breed. Fucking LOVE Target OMG.

Hope your pain lessens!! Why must periods suck so hard? I'm almost seriously considering getting my uterus removed or something. Not like I'm ever going to use it. XD Have you ever heard that thing that women living in the same household often start around the same time, due to pheromones or something? Yeah...there's five women in this house, and only one went through menopause so far.
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