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Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

Went to the doctor today, for the first time since I got that bad sinus infection around 4th of July. I've had these spells of severe lightheadedness the past two or three days, (and called in sick yesterday and today, hee, I'm gonna probably get in trouble again but it was worth it and I felt so bad Wednesday morning!) Doctor Kao was very nice, did some neurological/motor skills test things and then sent me to the next suite for blood work. Getting blood taken usually hurts me excessively; I had to have it done in the hospital once, ages ago, and I swear I could feel the blood being ripped from my body, it burned like fire. ;_; But the lady who did it this time kinda talked to me and distracted me a bit, and the only thing that hurt was the needle poking me, so I'm guessing those other times they probably just did it very wrongly. I also asked them to check my thyroid, just in case, because a lot of the symptoms Bridgie's had are things I've had in the past, too. The PA from earlier in the exam was also very nice, and she managed to take my blood pressure without me feeling like my heart was about to explode! Yay! All in all, a fairly pleasant experience, though I have no idea why I was dizzy. :D

Bridgie just ripped off the little bandage from the blood-letting. It hurt like fuck. O_o

I just bought Bridgie's big Christmas present, after hearing it advertised in the doctor's office. I already told her what it is (well, technically she guessed) because it's a show happening long before Christmas... November 28th at 8:00 pm we'll be sitting in the Pantages Theater watching Lion King: the Broadway Musical! Squee!
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