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Shake what your mamma gave ya!

BRIDGIE-FIC'S COMING!!!! [dances, gyrating in a rather goofy manner] And even better, BRIDGIE'S coming!!! XD Can't wait for tomorrow, whoo!!

Jamie, I go night night, sorry I couldn't hang around! Hope I'll see you tomorrow too! Same goes for you Bryan ^_~.

I feel all achy XD. I need a drink, but don't want to go get one. Tis dark out there O_o. Gonna die in the morning ^_^. So late O_o. Twas very much worth it though. And thank goodness for naps.

We're only getting ONE COPY of Spirited Away on DVD, and one on VHS, for rental. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Has ANY other OSCAR WINNER ever received such poor treatment right after its win?! And kids movies rent like nobody's business, at our store. Though it's not a kids movie, it just happens to be a movie kids can watch. Damn Blockbuster's execs O_o. They're almost as bad as Nick's.

At least the new trailer has Red Hot Chili Peppers' Don't Stop and, better, Catherine Zeta-Jones with All That Jazz, whoo!!

[huggles Bridgie, just because]

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