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Random shite!

Bridgie and I both just woke up. At 2:13 in the afternoon. Guess we needed some sleep. XD

OMG they're making an animated Horton Hears a Who movie with Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey, and Dreamworks is making a movie about Mr. Peabody and Sherman?!! AHAHAHAH!! Awesomeness!!

I'm already mostly packed. Amazingly, when I put all my luggage up in this impossible-to-reach ledge in the garage, I had the foresight to actually leave the one piece of luggage I'm likely to use down behind my dresser. It was dirty as hell, but I didn't have to break my neck to get it down. Yay!

Oh yeah...Have I mentioned I'm leaving for Memphis on Wednesday for a week with my family?

Double oh yeah... American Gods was an amazing book. And it had a short segment of gay sex, which is always a plus, especially coming from Neil Gaiman's keyboard.
Tags: american gods, dr. seuss, dreamworks, memphis, neil gaiman

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