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I just bought Asterix and Cleopatra on DVD. SQUEE. Next, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix...

Dude, that movie SO lived up to everything I hoped it would!!! It was actually really good, thankfully. I think my favorite parts were (of course) all the massive FLYING FANGED SLITHERY DEATH scenes, the scene where all the lights suddenly went out and someone in the background yelled 'SNAKES!', anything and everything that Samuel Jackson said, Kenan flying the fucking plane (I totally expected him to say his hours were on Microsoft Flight Simulator because, well, that probably could give someone some of the basics of sort of learning how to fly a plane, heh) and, one of my favorite lines:
Sean: It's getting hot in here.
Flynn: I'm from Tennessee, I didn't notice.

LAWL. I'm such a dork. :D

It was aw when Mary Kate died. ^_^;;; And Grace, and the couple with the paranoid husband. But yeah, all the rest of the brutal deaths were YAY. I loved playing Where's Waldo with the snakes too, trying to figure out which ones were which, though I only remembered the names of a handful like the Coral Snake, Reticulated Python (OMG BEST SCENE EVER when that bitch fell through the ceiling!!), the Milk Snakes that pretended to be Coral Snakes, and of course the general mish mash of Cobras (Spitting and otherwise!), Rattlesnakes, and various types of vipers. I wish I could remember what those gorgeous yellow ones are called though...Anyway, they were all very fake (except, of course, when they weren't) and it was wonderful. Plus fun weapons! Though, hmmm... wonder how Claire managed to get a lighter on the plane. Hawaiian airline safety standards don't prohibit bringing lighters on a plane? Or stewardesses can bring on whatever the hell they want to? Oh well, homemade flamethrower is worth the possible need for suspension of bisbelief. The only thing it was missing was something after the credits.

I would have been ded from joy if Samuel Jackson had killed one of the snakes with a spork though. <3


We've been trying to figure out where this quote came from. Anyone remember this? And no, we're pretty sure it was something that came out before Robots, something involving a car chase. One guy's like, "Where are you going?!" and the other's like, "Relax, I know this place like the back of my hand. Whoa, what's that?"
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