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Back to Memphis!

Mommy got my plane tickets. From September 20-27 I'll be in Memphis visiting The Family. Whee!! Well, whee because I'll be seeing Mommy and Timmy and Trey and the other people I miss. Not whee because I'll be without Bridgie (OMG!!! ;_;) and will be seeing the people I decidedly DON'T miss. :P But mostly whee. Flying will be interesting, too. I'm gonna pack super light, like, my only carryon will be my purse and a book or two. (Again glad for my 30GB mp3 player that contains my entire music collection, aw yeah.) I'm gonna try to fit everything else in one medium sized bag, and only bring as many clothes as I absolutely need (not hard because I tend to wear the same pants 3 or 4 days in a row, heh. I'll just need one or two pairs and enough shirts to last me about halfway, then I'll wash everything and wear it all over again. Brilliant!

So far I've decided on a bunch of places I want to hit. We'll go to the Mid-South Fair, which is actually celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Unfortunately there aren't any good concerts this year, but the fair itself is fun and nostalgic to just hang around, and I'll be buying a fried Snickers bar, which is so disgustingly good that it will make the whole fair experience more than worth it. It'll be sad not having Libertyland to wander around when it gets dark though. ;_;

We're most definitely going to the Memphis Zoo, one of the most awesomest zoos around. They added a new Northwest Passage exhibit since I moved, and I never even got to see the giant panda because they arrived just about the same time I left and the whole thing was WAY too crowded to actually get to. Apparently the Memphis Zoo is one of only four in the country that have pandas, and though I thought they were supposed to be temporarily housed there, nothing I'm seeing mentions them being temporary anymore. I wonder if they've found a permanent home at the zoo...? I haven't been to a zoo in, hell, over 2 years. For someone who loves animals, that's saying something. ;_; But hey, it's free on Tuesdays too! And it'll be cool to see Cat Country again, and Animals of the Night, and the Komodo Dragons, which I think were also new not too long before I left.

We're also going to Ride the Ducks, which just looks like all kinds of zany fun. XD And Mom just mentioned we might do an overnight in Hot Springs, Arkansas, complete with massage and spa treatment. MELT. Oh, and I'll be there for my little brother Trey's 15th birthday. He just got his first cell phone. Oh Lord, he's going to hi skool this year. And next year, driving. I'll be kicking back here, across the country, safe from harm, just laughing at the poor saps who get stuck teaching him. Hee hee. XD

We'll also probably take a day to clean out the storage unit. I'm tempted to pack up all my comics and ship them here. I miss my massive plastic tub full of Crimson and Excalibur and Impulse and all the others I collected over the years, but I don't want to shove them all in the garage and piss off Bridgie's mom or anything. ^_^;;; I really want my Excaliburs though, I think I had the entire series, or at least a MASSIVE chunk of it.

Speaking of Excalibur, I bought the first TPB of New Excalibur. I like the team they set up (ESPECIALLY PETE AAAAAAH, even if he's not nearly...Pete enough, anymore. WTF he stopped smoking and goes around calling anyone and everyone 'Petal' and using what seems like Americanized Britishisms? [slaps Claremont]) The Warwolves made me squee, and I wish that the Kitty and Pete stuff had been in the hands of a better writer, but it's a book I'd be interested in continuing. I wonder what issue they're on now.

I'm also probably going to come out to more of my family, though a lot of them might already know because I told my favorite aunt and cousins and don't know if they've told anyone. We'll see how that goes. XD I'm still debating whether to tell my Granny or not. I hope she's doing okay. [sigh]

Time to shower so we can go take 'Pulse' over to Bryan's for movie-viewing pleasure. I love freaky Asian horror.
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