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Made some guesses on that meme...

So those of you that wrote stuff should hurry on over here and let me know if I got them right or not!

Guess who passed her test Friday and became a CSR 2!! I should've gotten higher than a 92, and I'm kinda pissed that I didn't think to study the Avian and Exotic plan a little more, not to mention missed something really stupid and easy and wtf I should've had 100, grrrr. But anyway, guess who's going from 14.20/hour to 15.33/hour, with 8 hours of overtime a week for an indeterminate amount of time!

I'm makin' some bank, hells yeah. Now to pay off my credit cards and start saving for trips to Memphis, Pigeon Forge TN, and possibly one (or two?) HUGE trips next year..

Oh, and I got my haircut, and found a guy who'll do Japanese Straightening on me for only 100.00. I'm tempted to take that offer later on, when I have a little extra money. I really like my haircut too. ^_^

Bridgie and I went to The Spaghetti Factory last night! We got seated at this cozy little spot beside a train (A train? Indoors? Madness!) in these comfy armchairs, and it was nice and fun and happy-making. We don't go out too much, so it was all special and full of love! Afterwards we stood beside the Amtrak tracks right outside, and were just in time to catch a long train going by. What a rush!

My mom called me too. She said my grandma's in Bermuda (she was born there, and goes every few years, when she can, to visit family) with my Aunt Abie and my cousin Megan. Mom said Gran's having some back problem that could be cancer. Mom said there are lots of other things it could be... I don't want my Granny to have cancer. Please God let it be something else.
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