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The youth of the nation!

[reads Bridgie's anti-slash fic review again] You tell em girl! ^_^ People with NO idea of the history of it shouldn't go around trying to pull religion into a debate like this.

[reads Jamie's] Damn O_O! Am I glad you happened back long enough to review, that had tons of good points. I think you've blown most of us out of the water ^_^;;.

Fic recs! -Deadly Aliiances- The usual Dib's dying storyline, but this one may have a few twists along the way, and is extremely well-written! I love it! -Dreams- Zim discovers that he and Dib are being hunted by a mysterious race of aliens, and in the face of their forced cooperation a friendship begins to take root. Delightful, and the Neplotn are quite intriguing. I'm ready to hunt Ashsema down for the cliffhanger in that last chapter though... -Anything by J. Random Lurker- Such angst... -Monsters Within- Bouncing to the other side of the spectrum, Zim falls victim to a virus the Tallest sent him to get rid of him. He takes off for Cureallia, hoping to find, what else, a cure. But there just happen to be a couple of stowaways on board. Lots of angst, especially on Zimmy's part, and some real cuteness too. -Cognitive Dissonance- Zim and Dib have to team up to fight off a new race of aliens, this one reeeeeeally creepy. Aided by an old friend from Zim's past (an Irken who's not a Mary-Sue, would ya look at that with your eyes...) they try to discover more about the aliens they're fighting, while discovering a lot about each other in the process. And oh, the sweet sweet slash ^_^.

Okay, that's about all for now. Those're pretty much all the ones that have impressed me in the past month or so, aside from, of course, Bridgie's ficcage ^_^. Read em, you won't be disappointed!

[goes to watch Knockaround Guys]

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