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The majority decision argued that any comparison with anti-miscegenation laws was flawed because discrimination against homosexuals has been recognized only recently, while "racism has been recognized for centuries — at first by a few people, and later by many more — as a revolting moral evil."

Sure, gays have been persecuted, denied simple human rights, and discriminated against for centuries. Actually, they've probably ALWAYS been discriminated against in some areas. But we only actually noticed it was happening a couple decades ago, so no marriage for you!

Judge Kaye sounds cool though. The bits from her dissention were well said.

I got my first movies from Blockbuster online today, 2 MST3K volumes and Blackadder Vol. 1. Much goodness here. I also took the little vinyl garbage bag I got to go in my car and painted Kurt on it. It's hawt, and I hope to put Kurt on more stuff to go in my car. I managed to dig out some other stuff from the garage too, a GIR antenna topper, (because my Stitch one doesn't fit ;_;) an Irken logo decal that I put on the back right passenger window, across from the Gorillaz decal on the left, and two Zim air fresheners, not to mention my scary X2 Kurt bobblehead and Evo Kurt figure which I'm going to have to figure out how to display in there. I love my car <3

Anastasia was on last night. That soundtrack rocks, and it makes me want to watch old Don Bluth stuff again. Secret of Nimh, or Land Before Time, Fievel Goes West, or maybe even Rock-a-Doodle. XD

Oh, I don't think I mentioned that I got sick! I got this massively painful and frustrating sinus infection. :P I got to only half enjoy our 4th celebration, which we actually held Sunday, because I felt so damn miserable, and I managed to finagle leaving an hour and a half early from work on Monday because I couldn't even breathe most of the day because I had to, you know, talk. My supervisor, or rather, my previous supervisor because I got a new one this week (who was actually my FIRST supervisor, but anyway) took pity on me. She brought me over to listen to my calls and then we managed to drag it into about 45 minutes off the phones because we started talking about a banner that we're doing for our 'Summer Olympics'. She's put me in charge of the banner. :D But I digress. After work on Monday Bridgie was sweet and wonderful and kind enough to take me to the urgent care center in Orange that my health insurance says I have to go to. We arrived at 9pm, and managed to be out of there at 10 with a prescription for Amoxicillin and only 10.00 out of my pocket (for a 130.00 bill! Not bad!) And then Bridgie was awesome and cool enough to take me to 3 different pharmacies to find one that was actually open so I could get the medicine. I was so grateful cause I felt like death warmed over in the microwave and then left to sit out in the sun until it grew mold. I took the first pill that night and, aside from an unbelievable coughing fit that hit me sometime after I fell asleep, I woke up feeling WAY better than before, and now I feel pretty good. Sure, I'm also still a snot fountain, but aside from the occasional bit of spaciness I'm mnanaging to function fairly well and am not in pain, which is the best part.

I bought Bridgie some much deserved Lindor Truffles as a thank you. XD


Edit: I'm reading through the actual ruling from New York now, and this paragraph strikes me as odd.

'The limitation does not put men and women in different classes, and give one class a benefit not given to the other. Women and men are treated alike -- they are permitted to marry people of the opposite sex, but not people of their own sex. This is not the kind of sham equality that the Supreme Court confronted in Loving; the statute there, prohibiting black and white people from marrying each other, was in substance anti-black legislation.'

For some reason, that sounds wrong to me. That a law forbidding white people to marry black people is 'anti-black' legislation almost reads like it wasn't hurting white people, just black people. Like the black people were the only ones who had something to gain (association with a white person, what black person could ask for more?) I know that's not what they meant, but it sounds weird. O_o And what the hell, they called the rule not the same kind of 'sham equality'? How can it be anything but? If Loving was anti-black legislation, how is this not anti-gay legislation? They argue that one of the reasons they're denying it is because marriage has long been held as something between a man and a woman.I'm willing to bet, though, that for a LONG time before Loving, interracial couples actually getting MARRIED were entirely and totally unthinkable by the laws of society. I'm not trying to say that gay people in this country have suffered on a level comparable to black people or any other minority groups, by any means. But they HAVE suffered, more than most people would ever want to believe, and the parallels between the civil rights movement and a lot of the shit that's going on right now are so fucking obvious, it truly boggles my mind that people can't see it!

I'm not going to say I've lost my faith in humanity, because I truly don't believe we're any worse than we were millenia ago. I just don't know that we're getting any better. One group gains freedoms and society finally comes to its senses for them, so the world picks another group to piss on. It never seems to end, and the arguments when people finally get to make themselves heard are never based on any sort of rational, logical thought.

And OMG the way this ruling keeps declaring it 'rational' to want to protect the children by encouraging child-bearing couples to marry (by FORBIDDING gay people to) just makes me want to spork the flying fuck out of my own brain. I've heard that argument many, many times, and nothing could ever make it seem intelligent or fucking LOGICAL.

My logic-loving brain wants to cry now. ;_;
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