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Drabble: 'Gift', Rating: G, X-Men: Evo, Todd/Kurt

Title: Gift
Rating: G
Fandom: X-Men: Evo
Pairings: Todd/Kurt
Warnings: Slash
Summary: Another x_men100 drabble, this prompt #38, 'Gift'. An actual drabble, 100 words exactly.

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, and if they did they'd never have been able to get them past the censors. Pity, that.
Crossposted to x_men100.

Todd had no idea it would hurt that much, that betrayal felt like that from the other end. But then, it probably didn't, not for most. How many people would be able to do something like that to someone they loved? And if there wasn’t that much love, then it surely wouldn't hurt like this.

Steeling himself against the boy's harsh words, he laughed, blowing Kurt's protests off with seemingly easy indifference. Somehow he pretended the boy's wounded eyes meant nothing; he threw back one last sharp jibe before turning and hopping away.

Kurt would be better off without him.
Tags: drabble, todd/kurt, x-men: evo

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