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Skoolin' XD review to the anti-slash fic was commented on, quite a bit, and my response isn't as nice as the first one. It almost takes the fun out of it, finding out this girl is just that, a little 13 year old girl. Fook. :P The youth of the nation, ladies and gentleman!

My review's up there as well, and it's a doosey, heh. I think it's longer than the last one, even. I don't usually write that much in reviews O_o.

Is it wrong for me to want to splode this person's brain with hot, sweaty, Zim/Dib action? ...Garg, considering their age, I guess so. Poop.

So late...gonna be so tired tomorrow...tis worth it though [HUGGLEs Bridgie]

But it won't matter because tomorrow I'll be coming home to sweet sweet Bridgie ficcage, HELL YEAH!!! Not to mention Bridgie herself, I hope ^_^. And Jamie, and maybe Bryan :D. Hope there'll be lots'a peoples to talk to ^_^. I've missed all you guys! [GLOMPs everybody]

...Deliverance is FREAKY!!! The forehead! The forehead that swallows his eyes! It haunts me!! Or should that be haints?

I have proclaimed myself the Keeper of Sadist*Zim and Masochist*Dib!!!! MWAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

So sleepy ^_^;;;.

[reads Lynne's story]

Bed now!! Sorry I couldn't stay around Bryan, IM me tomorrow! And Jamie too, sorry I missed you, IM me! And I'll see you tomorrow, Bridgie, WITH ficcage ^_~. ...Remind me to post a few recommendations up here, there are actually fics worth recommending now!

[stumbles off to bed]

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